Fire resistant spray polyurea suitable for the protection and reinforcement of polystyrene of indoor and outdoor scenery and theme parks.

Main features

Fire resistant

CertificateClass B – S1


Impact resistant

High impermeability

Ask for advice for your project


Protection and creativity without limits

SCENOROCK AEC ® is the ideal companion for set designers and designers. This fast-curing, solvent-free coating protects polystyrene, indoor/outdoor scenery, theme parks and theatres. Customize aesthetic finishes with polyurethane/acrylic paint. With rapid curing in 5-7 seconds, SCENOROCK AEC ® is waterproof, impact resistant and odor free.

You can apply it by spray or directly onto a variety of surfaces, including expanded/extruded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, wood and plywood.

Protect your works and give free rein to your creativity with SCENOROCK AEC ®.

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