Anti-abrasion anti-noise coatings

Manufacturing industry, especially the mechanical one, requires high-performance solutions regarding abrasion problems and noise reduction of the plants. Elastopol provides an excellent solution both for abrasion resistance and for noise reduction.

In fact our polyurea not only has high abrasion resistance characteristics, but has also been specifically designed to guarantee noise reduction. In addition, our spray solution is highly functional and it allows to coat a vibrofinishing machine in a short time. When the coating is consumed it can be restored in a few hours reducing downtime of the system (for example vibrofinishing machine).

• Abrasion resistance vibrofinishing machine/vibrating screen machine
• Abrasion resistance sand blasting machine/shot blasting machine
• Abrasion resistance industrial tools
• Abrasion resistance truck bed for sand, quartz, cement, stone
• Wear resistance for wood
• Abrasion resistance for metal

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