Scenography and theme parks

Our polyurea coatings are perfect for set design and theme parks.


Production of sets requires fast, efficient and accurate solutions. Elastopol has developed fast-curing, solvent-free polyurea coatings to protect and enhance your creations.

Our scenic products and theme parks allow you to cover the polystyrene and the structures of the scenographers easily and safely. These coatings are highly effective both for outdoor uses, such as theme parks and playgrounds, and for indoor, such as theaters, shopping malls and movie sets.


Here are some advantages of our solutions:

  • Interior and exterior scenography: our polyurea coverings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor scenography.
  • Theme parks and fun: Protect your attractions and games with our durable, durable coatings.
  • Rigid polyurethane: we offer solutions with rigid polyurethane for greater structural stability.
  • Models, moulds, moulds (manual and also vertical casting): our products are ideal for the creation of models, moulds and moulds, both manually and by spray.
  • Flexible foam processing: for scenes that require flexibility, we offer flexible foam solutions.
  • Reinforced polystyrene scenography sculptures
  • Reinforced polystyrene film set
  • Fireproof sets (also flexible): protect your work with fireproof sets.

Elastopol is your reliable partner for high-quality polyurea coating solutions for scenery and theme parks.

Contact us to find out how we can help you protect and enhance your scenic creations.

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