Interior design and exhibition stands

Thanks to the new cutting and milling technologies of polystyrene it is now possible to create shapes of design unattainable up to twenty years ago. Protecting these creations, both inside and outside, is crucial to ensure long term durability and to be able to use them at their best and in safety.

Elastopol has successfully achieved this goal developing high modulus, high flexible, elastic and tough elastomeric polyureas. The touch perception is more pleasing. Our spray applied products are waterproof and weather resistant, self-extinguishing certified, soft to the touch and it is possible to topcoat them as you like.

• Hardcoating styrofoam furniture
• Interior and exterior design
• Reception counter
• Shop set up
• Children playground
• Shopping center playground
• Prototyping
• Urban design furniture
• Wellness center
• Wellness spa
• Indoor and outdoor swimming pool furniture
• Furnishing special accessories
• Wood, chipboard, mdf coating

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