Coated soft foam furniture

In the field of home furnishings Elastopol has created two special products to coat soft surfaces. This technology allows to coat flexible polyurethane foam to manufacture excellent comfortable outdoor and indoor furniture.

With our special spray polyureas it is possible to coat armchairs and seats or other kind of soft materials in a seamless way. They waterproof them perfectly with an excellent wear resistance, you can colour them as you like, they are fireproof and, at the same time, they maintain their characteristic of softness. As all our products, they can be quickly and efficiently applied in a short time: therefore they are suitable both for prototyping and mass production.

• Interior and exterior design
• Soft coating polyurethane flexible foam
• Waterproofing and decoration flexible foam
• Coated polyurethane flexible foam armchair
• Elastic polyurethane coating for soft furniture

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