Roof rehabilitation coating

The main problem of building leakage comes from a bad waterproofing of roofs, terraces and balconies. Elastopol solves this problem in an easy, fast and effective way using spray applied polyurea. These elastomeric coatings waterproof surfaces in a seamless way and therefore removing the main source of leaking: joints.

In fact, our products are elastomers they are elastic and therefore they perfectly comply to the surfaces that are either straight, curved, horizontal or vertical. The polyurea can be sprayed as a new coating or as a restoring one of old buildings and you do not need to remove old linings. Furthermore our solution saves a lot of time because polyurea takes only a few seconds to set after application and therefore downtime service is very short.

• Roof
• • Terrace, balcony
• Rehabilitation bituminous membrane
• Rehabilitation and roof waterproofing
• Rehabilitation and terrace waterproofing

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